Pathway to Avalon

Morgan speaks,

Welcome seeker of magyk.
A pathway hath been cleared where we may correspond.
You notice my trusted Croven be ready to carry your message safely and securely to my desk.
Indeed, we fly together often.

Noun – Large, black, glossy, perching bird. A feathered community comprised of Crow and Raven
Origin – English: From Avalonian. Croven (singular and plural).
Usage – 1) Messenger, Confidante, Trusted Friend to the Lady Morgan
Usage – 2) Morgan of Avalon thought to shape-shift as a Croven when required – Not proven.
© – Morgan of Avalon from her story AVALON UNVEILED – A Journey Through Myth, Mist and Magyk. Book release date 2024.

    SCRY with Morgan – Also known as Instagram.

    I shall be delighted if you choose to follow me on Instagram. A Realm where Morgan is given access to communicate and share ‘Avalonian’ life with you. As a thank you to followers, I shall continue to offer a free of charge ANSWERS FROM AVALON – DELUXE SELF-AWARENESS READING from time to time. Each follower has an equal chance to be selected.

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    Poetry, words and general photography – D-M MacInnes (aka Morgan).
    Photography of Morgan – Darryl.
    Photo of Morgan at King Arthur’s Tomb – Brooke McKinnis.
    Background forest sounds for poem – Burgh Records Scotland.

    Morgan Of Avalon © Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.
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