Morgan’s Inspiration

I have often been gifted the privilege to spend time with peoples from diverse cultural heritages who continue to practise ancient traditions and belief systems today. Regardless of distance and background I have witnessed common threads existing between these communities. They honour and work with the forces of nature, trust in spirit, and practise positive magyk.

They use tools such as charms and talismans to welcome protection, good luck, good health and happiness. Acts of divination, such as The Tarot, Astrology and Numerology, (to name but a few) are often applied, allowing greater understanding of one’s self and others.

I present Morgan of Avalon borne from these beliefs.

Why Morgan of Avalon

Many seasons past, when launching Morgan of Avalon,
I chose an Arthurian theme for inspiration. King Arthur’s Camelot and Morgan’s Avalon are well recognised names and places in legendary history. Arthurian storylines appear in books, television, film etcetera, with varied interpretations of characters and events conveyed along the way. Alas, I believe Morgan is often misrepresented and misunderstood by the mainstream, as are many seekers and practitioners of magyk today.
For me, Morgan (The Faery-Witch of Avalon) is an inspirational feminine archetype, known for her knowledge of pure, magykal arts, and for her positive healing powers.

What Morgan Did

I grew up with access to Astrology, Numerology and Tarot, and in an indirect way, my interest in all things metaphysical led me to study Human Psychology. These teachings were blended to individually calculate and prepare personality profiles and self-awareness readings for seekers. I combined studies in nutrition, body-care and herbalism to brew a variety of body and bathing products, poured into long stemmed glass potion bottles and boxed with an Arthurian theme. For special occasions, theatrical festivals and the everyday, I handcrafted jewellery in the form of large clay baked pendants and brooches. Clans Alicorn, Draca and Fin were deemed appropriate accoutrement for our otherworldly fashion communities.

What Morgan Does

Some of the afore mentioned products remain available from time to time HERE. All products have been reincarnated to showcase via my workshops as an opportunity for seekers to not only appreciate magyk, rather cast a little magyk of their own.
I respect The Tarot, not only as a tool for divination but also to capture the magyk of meditation and visualisation. The Tarot – ‘A Positive Tool For Mindfulness’ workshops shall recommence one season soon. The Tarot deck you see beautifying our Avalonian landscape is the work of talented artist, animator, film maker and friend – Terry Whidborne.

Whether you wish to apply astrology and numerology, explore the tarot or discover the use and purpose of magykal tools, trinkets and curiosities, Morgan looks forward to connecting with you.

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