Welcome to a realm of magyk…Morgan’s magyk

A pathway appears where seekers of positive magyk are welcomed. Natural magyk is performed to enhance greater self-awareness and promote positive self-direction. When applied sensibly, magykal tools, trinkets and curiosities allow us to understand ourselves and others a little better.

Let our journey through myth, mist and magyk begin…

Past present and future

Welcome dearest seekers. It has been a long spell since THIS Morgan of Avalon has been visible and much has changed. Storytelling, lessons in magyk and the crafting of whimsical trinkets and curiosities await reintroduction via books, workshops and more. morganofavalon.com reawakens, encouraging seekers to further ‘Capture the Magyk’  by casting a little of their own.

Which witch is which?

A message from Morgan of Avalon

The legendary character Morgan of Avalon is very often recognised by followers of nature based spirituality as a teacher and practitioner of positive witchcraft. For these reasons other social media users identify with the name Morgan of Avalon, which can be confusing for seekers. You shall recognise my Morgan of Avalon by acknowledging the following features.

MY LOGO – My identity embraces my brand, thus is attached to all projects conjured by self. My logo depicts a photo of me drawing a curtain of ivy aside, revealing the pathway to Avalon. I invite you to follow me there.

MY CONTACT DETAILS – This Morgan of Avalon may be contacted HERE. From time to time I appear alongside artist, animator, filmmaker and friend Terry Whidborne @ 7th world, or with my book publisher/distributors.

NOTE: I do not sell products or services on many media platforms and I wish for you to be scammer aware. If in doubt, ignore any person you believe may be posing as THIS Morgan of Avalon, and please report the information to me HERE.

Morgan Of Avalon © Copyright 2022. All rights reserved.
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