A Real Witchling!

$65.00 AUD

Personality Portraits for Witchlings – also known as babies, infants and young children.

From the day baby arrives they become the focus of attention.
As baby grows, we watch in wonder as their unique personality develops.

Morgan invites you to enter a realm where the tools of astrology and numerology 
are blended with sprinkles of visual magic to present a positive self-awareness portrait 
for your remarkable Witchling.

For a Paganing – Wiccaning – Saining – Baby Naming Ceremony, you may consider using 
the profile to scroll and send with invitations or thank you notes, allowing loved ones 
to welcome the child in an inclusive, magical way.
Perhaps you will choose to showcase the delightful art and arcane messages by framing each page to hang on the wall of their room.
Whatever you decide, know that your Witchling’s Personality Profile has been prepared 
to cast a little more magic over their whimsical self-discovery journey.

For many, the Witchling’s Personality Profile extends its worth beyond entertainment value.
It is indeed a useful reading/teaching tool – introducing a young child to astrology and numerology analysis.

NOTE – Your reading is emailed as a pdf on ‘Real Witch’ enchanting A4 stationery.


Please email croven@morganofavalon.com (response within 72 hours) expressing your interest so that we may discuss an approved estimated delivery date and gather details to prepare the astrology and numerology component.

All orders must be purchased by persons over 18 years of age.

Disclaimer: I provide readings/interpretations for self-awareness and entertainment purposes only. For matters that require professional services such as psychological, medical legal or business related, you need seek the advice of a qualified expert.

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