Teenage Personality Profile Reading

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Each unique personality profile reading is designed to encourage personal empowerment, positive direction and emotional healing for our teens. The pressure placed on this age group today is enormous. Schoolwork combined with expectations to achieve scholastic success, along with maintaining positive friendships and introducing romance, not to mention the anxiety driven by social media, global violence, natural disasters and politics can be distressing. Teenagers tend to worry about themselves and what others think of them. Many strive to be ‘perfect.’ The Answers from Avalon reading showcases one’s strengths and talents and offers skills that, when put in place, expand wellbeing.

Morgan invites you to enter a realm where the tools of astrology, numerology, oracle cards and a few Faery-Witch metaphysical treats appear to aid one with accessing positive direction.  Astrologically, our sun signs express our personality, allowing a deeper understanding of how character strengths and interests may be utilised to help one achieve success and satisfaction. Numerology adds further magyk by applying maths to capture our psyche as well as discussing conditions for the short term.

When applied sensibly, the esoteric tools of astrology and numerology contribute to a greater appreciation of self.

Oracle cards reveal brief messages of inspiration, insight and encouragement. I draw cards from my personal collection of varied and cherished decks, many steeped in witch and faery symbolism and tradition. I also interpret a Native American deck gifted to me by a Chumash Elder
and a New Zealand Maori deck gifted to me by a Ngapuhi family member.

The faery-witch portion of the Teen reading I shall keep as a surprise rather than elaborate here – after all a witch likes to craft a secret or two.

Know that the reading consists of approximately 2,500 words, presented with an Avalonian theme including whimsical imagery to further capture the magyk.
I, Morgan, invite you to share in the mystery and wonder of Avalon. A realm that removes you from the sensibilities of your oft naïve world, connecting you to a place of peace, calm, beauty and self-awareness.

NOTE – Your reading is emailed as a pdf on ‘Crovenchanting’ A4 stationery


Please email croven@morganofavalon.com (response within 72 hours) expressing your interest so that we may agree an approved estimated delivery date and gather details to prepare the astrology and numerology component.

All orders must be purchased by persons over 18 years of age.

Disclaimer: I provide readings/interpretations for self-awareness and entertainment purposes only. For matters that require professional services such as psychological, medical legal or business related, you need seek the advice of a qualified expert.

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